Oh you know. I'm just a girl, who likes to blog. Bloggin'.

Hey there. Welcome to my blog! I decided to keep it simple and sweet on here, so here goes nothin'.

My name is Diana (or Dee) and I'm from New York, New York and just recently moved to though I currently reside in Nashville with the love of my life. This is my personal journal of sorts where I write about random things that strikes my fancy. I'm an emotional person (sometimes way too, as my husband can attest) who has some rare bursts of creativity that I sometimes want to share. Feel free to have a look around.

if you need to reach me for anything, just give me a holla at: joleystar{at}gmail{dot}com

A little more about me:
I love to read.
I want to write.
I'm in love with love.
I'm also in love with music.
I'm a bit obsessed with Starbucks.
I love food.
I'm in the process of growing my faith.
My family means the most to me.
I'm so grateful for my friends, though they are few.
I think I am an introvert.
My husband calls me quirky and I love it.
I miss NYC a lot.
I want to visit London.
I also want to vacation in Bora Bora.
My friend has hooked me on K-dramas. My favorite is Secret Garden.
I listen to Secret Garden's soundtrack all the time (especially when I am sad) and even though I don't understand a word they say (the songs are all in Korean) I try to sing along anyway.