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Posted on: Monday, May 2, 2016

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My Heart Takes Over

Posted on: Friday, April 15, 2016



Six (ETA because I am posting this again 2 years later) Eight years ago I became a huge fan of a girl group from the UK. Danity Kane had just broken up and there was no one else in the US whose pop music really caught my ear. I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon them. Perhaps it was when I was perusing OhNoTheyDidnt (one of my many guilty pleasures) on a random day. I typed in The Saturdays in my google search bar and clicked on the first video link I found which was for the song 'UP'. This is catchy, I had thought. And because YouTube is a black hole I began clicking links on the related videos section. One for 'IF THIS IS LOVE' and various live performances. I quickly found a favorite (Vanessa!) and I don't think I've looked back since. Afterwards, every song they've released I've ended up falling in love with. From 'ISSUES' to 'WORK' then 'FOREVER IS OVER' and 'EGO'. Add in 'ONE SHOT' plus 'WORDSHAKER' then 'MISSING YOU' and 'HIGHER' and of course 'ALL FIRED UP' and 'NOTORIOUS'. Which finally leads me to 2011 when 'MY HEART TAKES OVER' was released. I immediately fell in love with the song. This is the song I sing along too when I just want to let everything out. They shot this awesome video in Iceland (btw that video led me to my fascination with the country and was what initially led me to want to vacation there) that has to be my most favorite The Saturdays video to date. Fast forward a few years (I may have over-played the song so much that I had to force myself to quit watching the video) to this week when I re-stumbled upon that video in my favorites list on youtube and decided to re-watch/re-listen to it on a whim. You guys. I must have listened to it at least 100 times during the past work week. I am ridiculous. But goodness gracious I forgot just how freaking much I loved that song (& yes, ok… the video too). Too bad the only way I can listen to it is through youtube. It’s okay though. I’ll make it work. :P

Please note, I originally wrote this post for an old blog on March 31, 2014. I decided to re-post today because I felt like listening to one of my favorite Saturdays' songs and thought, Why not?

Idol Finale

Posted on: Thursday, April 7, 2016

^^^Jessica's part begins at 4:35^^^

Say it @torylanez

A video posted by Jessica Sanchez (@jessicaesanchez) on

Did you guys catch the American Idol Finale? I forgot how many talented people were on that show. I remember when it was just beginning to be promoted back in 2002. I heard a snippet of Kelly Clarkson auditioning on the radio and I was like, "Oh my gosh! I'm gonna root for her." I impatiently sat through all of the auditions waiting to see who that girl with the big voice was. She was, is and always will be my favorite Idol. I stopped watching the show during Carrie's season and only began tuning in when another girl with a big voice was trying to reach the top. Let me tell ya. I was rooting hard for Jessica Sanchez to win on her season and was gutted when she lost. Seeing her perform "The Prayer" on the finale tonight was a revelation. Lol. I re-discovered her instagram and found the above video. This little snippet is amazing! She's covering Tory Lanez' "Say It" which samples Brownstone's "If You Love Me" which was my JAM back in 1993. Am I dating myself? Ha! But seriously. I've been watching this on loop all evening!

ps. If you need to see her performance of "The Prayer" check it here. Her part begins at 5:06.
pps. And for all of you 90's r&b heads; peep the embedded vid above. It's awesome!

Weekend Shenanigans

Posted on: Monday, March 21, 2016

^^^strolling down 12th South^^^

It's the first day of spring and I'm struggling to pull myself out of the doldrums.

I woke up late this morning, as per usual but decided not to rush my getting ready routine. So I pampered myself with argan oil, divine body butter, marrakesh oil and whatever else I wanted slather my body in. When I looked at the clock, I almost panicked because I didn't realize how late it was. Lucky for me, it was a sunny (albeit chilly) morning and traffic was not too congested as I drove to work. I definitely needed that time to decompress before beginning what will likely be another crazy work week. Talk about bananas.

^^^blossoms in Centennial Park^^^

Last week, a very good friend of mine was visiting and we planned to meet up for a day of sightseeing and eating good food. I know I've been living in Nashville for almost 2.5 years but I still feel a little displaced at times, so this felt almost serendipitous to me. I could not only show off what I do know about my semi new hometown but also go exploring as well. Win, win am I right?

^^^iced coffee from Pinewood Social^^^

^^^fried broccoli from Pinewood Social^^^

We had a whirlwind of a day. We met closer to noon and ate lunch at Pinewood Social. We also took a stroll through Centennial Park and visited the Parthenon replica that was featured in the first Percy Jackson movie. We were both kind of excited as we tried to figure out where the actors may have done their scenes. Ha. It was so much fun. Afterwards we visited Jeni's Ice Cream and Frothy Monkey (for the 2nd time that day) for a bit, then we walked down 12 South some more, stopped by the Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles and then chilled at a Starbucks closer to my neighborhood before I had to bring her to the airport.

^^^The Parthenon in Centennial Park^^^

^^^inside the Parthenon #1^^^

IMG_9015^^^inside the Parthenon #2^^^

^^^more flowers from Centennial Park^^^

It was a really great day. Unfortunately my husband got sick on Thursday so a few of my plans had to be scrapped so he could rest and relax. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key since the hubs was (is) still healing. All in all, it was good weekend. Here's hoping the upcoming one is even better.

^^^Jeni's Ice Cream^^^

^^^Decor at Jeni's^^^

^^^12th South stroll^^^

^^^addicted to iced coffee (especially from Frothy Monkey)^^^

Hot Sauce in my Bag.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Not only has the Beyonce song been in my head since it was released but I found this video sometime last week and now I can't stop watching. I mean. SLAY. ;)


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